E-Portfolio Concept Map

poster explaining the benefits of ePorfolios

An electronic portfolio, also known as an ePortfolio or digital portfolio, is a cohesive, powerful and well-designed collection of electronic documents that demonstrate skills, education, professional development, and the benefits to a selected audience.

ePortfolios have an edge over the traditional, paper-based variety because there is a considerable increase in the range and quality of services that can be provided to individuals and the community. Students are able to apply to college or businesses showing these complete examples of their work; something much richer than test scores and grades. The development of the electronic job market has seen a rise in the usage of ePortfolios. Organizations can considerably cut costs by recruiting online and, due to the spread of the internet, are able to find better job matches online than through conventional recruitment mediums.

There is also a printable version(PDF) of this poster.